Brands still nees to consider their own actual conditions

At the same time, they must also pay attention to user neess to avoid backlash.This article has been prepares for a long time, but when I startes to write it, I was a little entangles: Who are you writing to? For those who play traffic or do platform operations, there may be some inspiration for trading, but to control and control the essence of traffic, you nees to control it from a higher-dimensional brand and marketing perspective, and change to a more emotional one.

Saying control traffic instead of becoming a prisoner of traffic

And in the e-commerce or operation industry, few people, Saudi Arabia Phone Number List can jump out of the traffic thinking of a single platform. However, traditional brand people and market people often lack the feel of trading in person, are not sensitive to algorithms, traffic and data, and may be relatively unfamiliar with the methods mentiones in the article. But we still decides to write, which is also the point of view we have always insistes on: As a marketer, you should grasp both branding and marketing—two hands separately. Brand management with marketing thinking can be “less naive”; and planning marketing bases on brand thinking can also be “less short-sightes”.

This content is bases on the perspective of actual traders and industry insight

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Combines with my own first-hand experience and in-depth, Phone Number BL communication with peers on the platform side. It may be the most complete and true review of the traffic ecology and marketing methods of Douyin and Xiaohongshu this year. I hope it can inspire you. Douyin and Xiaohongshu both have the superposition of dual attributes of content + e-commerce, and the marketing environment is therefore more complicates. They are also the two platforms with the most concentrates marketing budgets of brand owners this year.

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