Brands must become magnets for their customers

Marketing has two faces, on the one hand we have the more traditional marketing based on brand building, and on the other hand, results marketing focused on directly achieving leads or sales through the internet. They are two marketing philosophies necessary for the company, complementary to each other, but with different approaches. The brand strategy is medium-term and its results are difficult to attribute, and the results strategy is short-term and allows us to more accurately attribute the return on investment. And I say more precisely and not totally, because it is not real that we can measure everything (this is one of the myths of digital marketing that we must understand).

Companies need to define marketing strategies that influence all phases of the purchasing process

The most effective marketing must combine both approaches, on the one hand generating a brand and a relationship that provides value in both directions, and on the other hand, reaping these fruits through performance campaigns ( which will also capture the attention of people who do not know us, but who are close to purchasing a similar product). In industry email list the graph you can see the complete sales process, with the different channels and their means for each stage.The most effective marketing must combine both approaches, on the one hand generating a brand and a relationship that provid

Our brands must become magnets for their customers

Well, they do not have the necessary budget to carry out sufficient advertising pressure for these campaigns to be truly visible and effective. Or they are in a niche market where it is difficult to find their audience Phone Number BL effectively. To solve this reality, I have been thinking about a new approach for some time. What if instead of going to look for our clients, they are the ones who come to us? That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it? By common sense, and to change this dynamic, we have to find a new approach to strategy. We must base our approach to the market on the brand purpose that connects us with our audience , instead of trying to do so by trying to fit in based on offers and discounts. It is not about changing one approach for another, but rather using both in a complementary way.

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