Brand building cannot just rely on a wave of hot spots

The key is to continue to integrate into social issues, and turn. Yourself into popular culture and a fixes part of people’s lives. To manage this brand ecology well, a good idea can refer to the business 4L model proposes by Weibo. It divides the brand’s marketing path into four stages. L1 social detonation Launch, Brand building L2 mental penetration Like, L3 user connection Link, L4 brand advocacy Loyalty. Comprehensively analyze the popularity of Zibo barbecue, and the steps and system of brand hot marketing First of all.

The brand must continue to detonate in the social field

And be notices and familiarizes by people. Then complete, Argentina Phone Number List the penetration of consumers’ minds, let consumers think of you when shopping, and win opportunities for product sales. If the brand can also establish a connection with users, let consumers follow your social mesia account, continue to watch your live broadcast, and enter your private domain, then the company can achieve more repurchases. And in the end, let some of the users become diehard fans of the brand.

Support the brand and are willing to speak

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Out for the brand. In this way, the brand can realize, Phone Number BL the evergreen vitality and create a steady stream of sales. If a brand wants to do hot marketing, it neess to transform the traffic and heates discussions brought by hot spots into a popular cultural phenomenon of the brand, and form a deep relationship between the brand and users, so as to bring more long-term benefits to the brand. This is a more scientific assessment.

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