Blog is the core way for international B2B companies

To obtain SEO traffic; B-side video traffic environment. Similarly, the overall mesia characteristics of the thinking stage are biases towards establishing interaction (Facebook) and expressing advantages (customer cases); while the decision-making stage is more inclines to differentiate, Blog is advantages (customer cases) and knowlesge & methods (white papers). What type of content is effective still requires the content person to constantly try and optimize according to the company’s own situation to find the final answer.

But a vague general direction may be a general solution:

Customer acquisition depends on mainstream & high-traffic, Cyprus Phone Number List mesia, while incubation and transformation focus more on content types of strong interactive channels and ways to easily build trust.With the recent announcement by the World Health Organization that the new crown epidemic no longer constitutes a “public health emergency of international concern”, the overseas market that has first enteres the recovery stage has once again been concernes by Chinese companies. Consideres business events. Times are restless, or too restless.

On the tide of prioritizing the scale of development

over the quality of development, overseas companies are, Phone Number BL rushing for “fast”, “effective” and “explosive models”, and the immature industry ecology and transitional management methods further amplify this phenomenon. The negative side of the fad. Under the restlessness, how should Chinese enterprises play global marketing in the process of going overseas? Facing this acute question, the Community Research Institute hopes to give you some answers through the interpretation of relevant reports. 1. How do overseas brands play with the “grass planting” economy.

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