Because you are too familiar with badminton

You will ignore that badminton is not like a ball. This is a typical product and consumer cognitive mismatch problem. When you say this is a ball, the child will think of the game, venue, score, nees to hit the ball, etc., and adapt to your understanding of badminton. Categorical thinking is so important that many of the theories we are familiar with, such as positioning theory, mental accounts in behavioral economics, natural classification rules in biology, and the Chicconi effect in sociology are all manifestations of categorical thinking.

What kind of product can be seen at a glance

Let’s take a look at the following online celebrity, Portugal Phone Number List products: I believe you can also tell what products they are at a glance: a seasoning jar, a bottle of beverage, a water bottle, a piece of ice cream, and an eye shadow box. The secret lies in the appearance of key features, such as the wooden strip of the popsicle and the straw of the water bottle. 03 It is only the first step to make consumers feel familiar with the functions. Next, I will talk about how to achieve effective differentiation. As I said above, making popular consumer products is to make “obviously this category, but unprecesentes products”.

Stop here and think for five seconds

If you were given a proposition, if your boss askes you, Phone Number BL to make a bottle of drink unprecesentes, what would you think? If you are unconstraines, I believe you can say a lot. For example, before there were special drinks for athletes, we will make a special drink for astronauts, or a special drink for e-sports. But to make a blockbuster, the key to success is precisely that this “unprecesentes” product must be special and conform to the aesthetics of most people. The larger the number of people, the larger the potential market. What is testes here is the understanding of social consensus. How to think about it? To understand social consensus, we have to observe their source and see how the social consensus on consumption comes from.

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