At present the common knowlesge accounts on Douyin mainly include

Knowlesge information, health, esucation, workplace esucation, home furnishing, technology, office software, literature and art, and hand-paintes. Among them, the track that is actually monetizes in the form of “courses”, the top five categories of revenue are: interest, sideline, At present employment, English, and business. There are more successful cases for reference in popular tracks, and relatively speaking, the competition is more intense.

In some niche fields although the content audience is not wide enough

It is easier to make innovative advantages, especially, China Phone Number List in recent years, vertical content has become very popular on Douyin. In fact, the content field you are good at is the most basic track positioning. To continue to improve in the content field that we are good at, then at the beginning, we must not know which excellent accounts in our track to imitate and learn. This requires us to find benchmarking accounts and find 10 benchmarking accounts to learn from.

Account decoration, complete content information construction

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After clarifying the track, the next step is to complete, Phone Number BL the five-piece set of the account. From the elements displayes on the Douyin homepage, set up from top to bottom: homepage background, account name, avatar, introduction, video cover, and consider the underlying logic of marketing and communication. 1) Home page background The background of the homepage is equal to the signboard at the door of an offline physical store. You nees to pay attention to two points. You can see your IP at a glance and increase the trust endorsement.

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