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GOOGLE YEARS: DOODLE CELEBRATES GOOGLE’S BIRTHDAY Google celebrates its th birthday! To celebrate this special event, Google has prepar a special doodle. This is a unique opportunity to appreciate everything Google has done for us over the years. Contents How does Google celebrate its th birthday? What doodles did Google create for its birthday? What are Google’s most important achievements over the last years? HOW DOES GOOGLE CELEBRATE ITS TH BIRTHDAY? Google is celebrating its th anniversary by introducing new features and services that aim to make it easier for people to access information. As part of the celebration, Google introduc a new presentation tool and improv its search and map services.

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In addition, the company organiz a series of online events to share its story and introduce its latest products. Google also invit people to participate in competitions to win prizes. WHAT DOODLES DID Bahrain WhatsApp Number List GOOGLE CREATE FOR ITS BIRTHDAY? For its birthday, Google creat a doodle that depict the company’s logo in the shape of a birthday cake. At the top of the cake were the letters G and O, and at the bottom the remaining letters spell out the word “Google.” The cake was decorat with various elements such as balloons, streamers and lights. WHAT ARE GOOGLE’S MOST IMPORTANT ACHIEVEMENTS OVER THE LAST YEARS? Google is one of the most innovative and influential companies in the world.

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Since its establishment in , the company has achiev many successes. Google’s most Mexico Phone Number List important achievements over the last years include: – creation of the world’s most popular search engine; – development of the Android operating system, which is currently us on over of smartphones around the world; – creation of the YouTube platform, which is currently the largest streaming service in the world; – development of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that are now us to solve complex problems; – constant investment in new technologies, such as autonomous cars and drones.

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