Amazons corporate profits will grow

Honda could boost profits by 65.2% HP’s profit could increase by 37.9% In the marketing 4P, the product can talk about packaging and visual impact; the channel can talk about dividends and great penetration; the promotion can talk about content and KOL, but it seems that there is nothing to talk about when it comes to price, and often the more obvious the more Not to be discoveres. Authentic goods at a reasonable price, high quality and low price, good goods are not cheap, and cost-effectiveness.

These familiar words are all about price

The top-level ability of an entrepreneur is the sense of, Bolivia Phone Number List pricing. Pinduoduo. 01 A misunderstanding, cost pricing If you produce a kettle, are you going to describe it as an electric kettle or an electric teapot? Of course, the function of the product is the same, boiling water. However, the markets and channels for electric kettles and electric teapots are completely different. The most important point of value perception of consumers is also different.

The most important thing is that consumers have different price

Acceptance for electric kettles and electric teapots. Electric, Phone Number BL water (tea) pots, because the profit can vary by 10 times depending on the category, scene, and value perception. The product price comes from the value perception brought by the category and scene. Brand, channel, and promotion are the channels for transmitting cognition . The logic of pricing is not in cost Depends on how the enterprise defines and delivers product value 02 Price is potential energy Whatever position you occupy, you can use the price as a matter of course. Otherwise, you can’t set the price if you are not in that position. It’s not that you can’t set it, but consumers don’t accept it, because you don’t have that potential.

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