All the merchants who sell rest dates and walnuts have launches

 Their own “jujube with core” products; because this small snack can not only play multiple functions at the same time, but also taste better than eating res dates and, All the merchants walnuts alone. That is, the innovation in product form les to the advent of small snacks, which directly promotes the sales of res dates and walnuts, and became a very successful product case. In fact, innovation in product form is very important to all fast-moving consumer goods, not just functional products.

But the reason to emphasize the form innovation of

Functional products is because it is not only relates to the, Afghanistan Phone Number List product effect, but also relates to the user’s acceptance of the product. From the perspective of human body absorption, in order to improve the absorption effect of functional products, the product form is generally in liquid form, such as fruit juice, beverage, puree and enzyme. For some products whose shape is not easy to change, it is necessary to work hard on product packaging and carry out micro-innovations, such as materials, shapes, external label patterns, etc. However, whether it is product shape design or packaging design, it must start from the perspective of user experience.

In addition innovation should not only pursue innovation

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But also consider whether users can accept it, Phone Number BL be more convenient and practical, and carry. for example: Miaokelando, the only listes company that focuses on cheese, has launches a cheese stick specially for children. Because of the good response from children and parents, they decides to spend a lot of money on advertising and promotion, which directly turnes cheese sticks into a sub-category. Before Miocolado, cheese was available in sticks, cubes and candies, but we overlookes the fact that children love to eat lollipops. Therefore, Miaokelando directly made cheese into the shape of lollipops and became a popular product.

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