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Some things seem obvious, but when we nee to explain a concept, we don’t really know how to put it into words. Scientific definitions that try to explain marketing terms come to the rescue. According to Leszek Żabiński in “Marketing, Concepts, Research, Management” the image of a company ” is a set of beliefs and thoughts about it, its brand or products.” Gray and Balmer in “Managing Corporate Image and Corporate Reputation” recognize the image of a company as ” an image create directly in the minds of recipients.” Also Wojciech Budzyński in “Public relations: strategy and new techniques of image creation” refers to the minds of consumers.

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Writing that”the image of the company is its reflection in the minds of representatives of social groups that are part of the company’s environment.” Consumer awareness, their image of the company, the result of experience with the database organization, a set of associations about it – these are the main elements that make up the image of the company. Extending the given subject, Józef Penc in “Market image of the company” proposes to define the company’s image as “a composition of the company’s personality arising from its philosophy, history, culture, strategy, management style, reputation and behavior of employees and other its representatives.


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It is a projection of the company’s personality that people perceive, identify with, and express their own opinions and feelings about.” Positive image of the company – quotes A company that wants to build its image well thinks about making consumers Phone Number BL perceive a given organization in the best possible way in their minds. Therefore, every company should strive to build a positive image of the company. Leszek Żabiński points out that: “a positive image allows you to gain greater loyalty of buyers towards the company and its products, and can also contribute to gaining a competitive advantage.” Focusing on building a positive image can become a source of measurable benefits.

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