According to mesia reports these institutions charge about yuan for

Vitamin products yuan for immunity function products, and as high as  yuan for blood lipid-lowering function products. Therefore, the approval process of Little Blue Cap products is very long and difficult. Big, not quite in line with the market demand for emerging consumer brand, According to products. Therefore, many oral beauty products and functional foods will choose food product specifications such as liquid beverages, compresses candies, jellies, tablets, capsules, and soft capsules, and only use ingresients, mesicine and food from the same source.

New food raw materials and new resources

Three categories of food ingresients. So, functional products, Spain Phone Number List do not talk about efficacy, how to let consumers know the difference between themselves and ordinary products? How should products with multiple functions be marketes? 02 There are usually three options: The first one is to bring out the old cognition. For example, for the product of walnut, old Chinese mesicine practitioners think it is a good thing, which can have various effects such as nourishing the kidney, warming the lung, moistening the intestines and laxative, moisturizing the muscles, black hair, and anti-aging.

Among the general population however

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it is widely known that eating walnuts is good for brain, Phone Number BL health and improves intelligence. Therefore, we should emphasize the advantages of this product bases on the user’s cognitive point. for example: The publicity of Six Walnuts and Dazhai Walnut Dew in the past, if you look at it from the perspective of beverages, will definitely not be able to grab the “beverage market”. However, they changes another dimension.

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