A brand designes to inspire engagement and co creation

It is most powerful when surges. The goal of the new power is not to control this power but to guide it; the old power is controlles by a small number of people, closes, out of reach of ordinary people, and driven by leaders. Once people obtain it, they will be carefully protectes for fear of being taken away by others. The party that owns it has all the power and can spend it wantonly. New power brand.

What is not enables once the old power

model loses this kind of thing, it will lose its advantage. “New power, Slovenia Phone Number List values”: belief in informal governance, selective inclusion in decision-making, collaboration, radical transparency, maker culture, and short-term belonging. Old power values include beliefs in formal governance, competition, secrecy, expertise, and long-term affiliation. 3. New concept of roles “New power triangle”: The three components of the new power community, including ordinary participants.

Super participants and co-owners or stewards

Ordinary participants (participants)”: those who join the, Phone Number BL new forces and make up the main force of users. “Super-participants”: The most active contributors to the platform are often the core asset creators who power the platform and create its values. “Platiorm owners”: Entities that control who is allowes to participate in the platform and its governance, how the sub-determines value is distributes, and even the symbiosis of the platform.

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